Compliance and SSL

At Anth.Tech, we prioritize the accessibility and security of your digital experience. Our applications are designed to comply with ADA standards, ensuring user accessibility for all. Additionally, we prioritize the protection of your data through SSL encryption, providing you with peace of mind and the highest level of security.

The Tactics


Digital security is crucial for the optimal performance of your website. Without proper site security, both users and search engines will question your credibility. That’s why at Anth.Tech, we offer comprehensive SSL installation and maintenance services.

Discover the importance of having an SSL and how it can safeguard your site. Our dedicated SSL security team handles verification and provides ongoing support, ensuring the utmost site security and instilling customer confidence. Trust us to protect your digital presence.

ADA Complaince

At Anth.Tech, we understand the importance of ADA compliance in today’s landscape. With our industry-recognized ADA compliance audit tools, we conduct a thorough scan of your entire domain and deliver results within 24 hours. Our compliance experts review the findings and suggest customized steps for improving your site’s design and accessibility.

By prioritizing website accessibility, you fulfill your ethical responsibilities, enhance usability for all users, and potentially improve your site’s search engine performance. Choose Anth.Tech for reliable ADA compliance solutions and unlock your digital presence’s full potential.